Membership Information

Full Membership with BCR runs from April 1st through March 31st of the following year.  It includes a Boulder Reservoir pass and before gate hours access to the reservoir when a coach is present.


full membership fee

$230/year. This covers the following expenses:

  • Your Boulder Reservoir entry pass (saves you $7 per entry for adults).

  • 10% of the rental fee we pay to the Boulder Reservoir for the use of the land at the reservoir, a small portion of which is allocated to the basic membership fee. All members are benefited by having the shed and safety launches at the reservoir.

  • The $3000 fee paid to staff the gate during early entry hours.

  • Dock maintenance done by the Boulder Reservoir Staff

  • Administrative fees to run the club

equipment use fee


In addition to membership dues, BCR rowers must pay the equipment use fee, whether they are rowing our boats in private classes, coached programs, or clinics. This fee covers the acquisition, storage, maintenance, and insurance coverage for the club’s boats, oars, and launches. The fee is determined annually based on projected costs; any surplus remaining at years’ end will be applied to the purchase of new equipment.

New BCR rowers—those in their first season with the club—are exempt from the fee requirement, as are BCR members who own their own boats and who do not use BCR boats.

alternative membership options

Drop In Guest – Click here to read about our Guest Rower Policy and how to drop in.

Coxswain– Coxswain memberships are free of charge for individuals who are only interested in coxing. Please e-mail with resumes to get access to this free membership.