Sculling Certification

Sculling Certification is for rowers who wish to scull on their own, outside of coached practices, using BCR equipment. Certification is required for the safety of our rowers, other people using Boulder Reservoir, and BCR equipment. Sculling certification is tiered based upon your sculling experience, time on the water/miles logged and the assessment of a BCR Coach.


Membership Requirements

No rower shall be authorized to use BCR equipment outside of coached practices without first paying Full Membership and Equipment Use Fees.

BCR Certification Levels for Sculling

First, carefully read the following document: BCR Certification Levels for Sculling

Determination of Levels and How to Progress

Next, determine what you believe your current Level is.

  • BCR Members who are starting at Level 1 (Novice Sculler) and wish to progress to Level 2 (Transitional/Intermediate Sculler - authorized to scull in a single outside of coached practices), can build up the necessary skill set to pass the Skills and Maneuvering Sculling Checklist either:

  • BCR Members who are starting at Level 2 or higher and wish to progress to additional Levels should meet with a coach to discuss the best way to proceed. In some cases, if a rower demonstrates advanced skill level, the coach can quickly certify him/her to the next Level.

Finally, once a coach has passed you through to the next Level, the coach will give your iCrew account the necessary permissions so you can make reservations for the appropriate sculling equipment.

the process

reserving shells

iCrew Reservation System

Once you have been certified to a new Level, your coach will grant that permission level in your iCrew account. You will be able to reserve the corresponding boats. For example, if you are certified to row in singles, all BCR singles will be available to you in the iCrew reservation system.

How to Make a Reservation

  1. Go to: and Log into your account.

  2. Once Logged in, there is a tab called "Reservations" at the top. Click on it.

  3. It will show the current month Reservation calendar.  Click on the date you want to make a reservation.

  4. In the form that appears, fill in time, Shell type and Shell size.  Click on the "Check Availability" button (if needed)

  5. Select your shell and oars and click "Make Reservation."

  6. If you later need to Change or Cancel a Reservation, go to the Reservations calendar and click on your reservation.  At the bottom of the form, there are buttons for "Change Reservation" or "Cancel Reservation."


Q: Can I reserve a sweep boat such as a 2-, 4+, 4-, or 8+?
A: No. It would be a unique situation for a sweep boat to be allowed to be used without coach supervision. In that rare case, the reservation would be made directly with BCR’s Head Coach.

The following spreadsheet lists BCR members’ current sculling certification levels and flip tests. It goes without saying that no member should take out BCR boats if not certified to the appropriate Level. Should that occur, disciplinary action will be taken.

Spreadsheet: BCR Members Sculling Certification Levels and Flip Tests

members’ current levels