Our History

By Jesse Garnas, coxswain


Boulder Community Rowing was formed by two rowers from Los Gatos, California who, in 2000, moved to Boulder and decided to put an ad in the Daily Camera newspaper calling for anyone who would be interested in learning to row. Cymber and Bob Quinn, the original founders, had a larger than expected turnout; thus, the beginning of BCR. Some current members have been with us since the beginning.

Ever since its founding, BCR has been a tight-knit community in which anyone can join. Each day gives people the opportunity to learn new skills both on and off the water. Currently, there are approximately 90 members. A stark contrast to where we began.

So many people believe they can't row because they think that they are too weak or too short. Boulder Community Rowing has been able to disprove this myth on numerous occasions.

No one is a better coach than the individuals that make up our team in spite of the various coaches that we have had the pleasure of working with.  After all, without our members, we wouldn't be a club, and there certainly wouldn't be as big of a reason for us to row.  

We have come a long way as a team. Some of us have rowed for decades, while some of us have rowed for just a few days. Regardless, it is the people who make rowing so worthwhile. To be able to swing together, to suffer together, and to know that the person in front of you and the person behind you will go that extra mile.