Membership and Programs Frequently Asked Questions


Membership and Equipment Fees

What expenses are covered by the Full Membership Fee of $264?

  • Your Boulder Reservoir entry pass (saves you $7 per entry for adults).

  • 10% of the rental fee we pay to the Boulder Reservoir for the use of the land at the reservoir, a small portion of which is allocated to the basic membership fee. All members are benefited by having the shed and safety launches at the reservoir.

  • The $3000 fee paid to staff the gate during early entry hours.

  • Dock maintenance done by the Boulder Reservoir Staff

  • Administrative fees to run the club

  • BCR’s Club US Rowing Membership

What expenses are covered by the Equipment Fee of $310?

  • 90% of the rental fee the club pays to the Boulder Reservoir.  The bulk of this amount is allocated to the equipment fee, because it covers the large area used to store the club’s shells and oars.  It also pays a portion of the mooring charge for the safety launches. (Private owners pay the club for their storage charges)

  • The cost of spare parts and other maintenance on the boats and other equipment.  

  • Insurance for the equipment.

  • Replacement of equipment.

Why do I have to be a member?

  • Only members are covered by the Club’s insurance.  

  • The club is a shared enterprise.  Membership dues pay the basic overhead for running the club.  

I paid the membership and the equipment fee and am certified to bow the quad and double.  I want to take my friend who didn’t pay the equipment fee out in a double with me or a quad, how do I do that?

You will need to purchase a punch card and use one of the punches for your guest.  If you guest is also not a BCR member they will need to pay to enter the reservoir and sign any waivers that the Boulder Reservoir requires and the BCR waiver.

Punch Cards

How does the punch card work?

  • A punch card is good for 10 punches. A punch is good for a single day’s participation in any coached program.  

  • You can use the same punch card for sweep and sculling programs.

  • A punch card is transferable, you can buy one punch card and three people can use a punch on the same day.

I’m a member, but I didn’t pay the equipment fee. Can I still use a punch card?

  • If you are using your own equipment, you can use a punch card to participate in a coached program

  • You do not need to pay equipment fees to do indoor rowing

How do you keep track of punches?

  • You must register on iCrew and indicate which days you will be at practice.  iCrew will track what you have used and alert the Coach.

  • You must “check-in” on iCrew to use a punch.

BCR Finances

Does BCR have any money in reserve?

BCR holds in reserve each year the amount of money required to pay all expenses for a year, in case there is a catastrophic event such as a flood that would not allow us to earn money through membership to pay for those expenses.

Does BCR have a capital fund account?

Over the years BCR has received funds from private donations and various fundraising events that have been added to a capital fund earmarked for a boat house.  This fund is in a separate account from our checking account.

How do you decide what regattas to go to each year?  

Members working with the head coach determine what will be the club-sponsored regattas.  Organizing for a regatta takes a great deal of work and requires some lead time. Any member who wishes to propose a regatta is welcome to do so prior to February 1.

What if I want to go to a specific regatta that isn’t a club-sponsored regatta?  

Members can race as BCR members in any regatta they choose.  All expenses and organization for those regattas are the responsibility of the members participating.

How do I get into Boulder Reservoir early, before Memorial Day and after Labor Day?

To arrange for early access, the Club pays the city approximately $3000 to staff the gate for 30 minutes early in the morning.  This amount is paid for as part of the basic membership fee paid by all members. During these periods, the only safety resources on the water are BCR program coaches.  It is particularly important that all rowers and scullers check in with a coach on those days and obey all reservoir and club safety rules during these periods, because Lake Patrol is not on the water.

What happens if not enough people sign up for a program or clinic?

If we have less than four people signed up for a program or clinic we may need to reschedule or cancel.  If you have already paid we will transfer your money to another program or clinic of your choice.